Training Team – CELTA Trainers

All teacher trainers at ILC France in Paris are highly experienced E.F.L. teachers, holders of the Cambridge Diploma (D.E.L.T.A) and are officially recognized Cambridge Language assessment  trainers and oral examiners. They are impassioned by teacher training and seek constantly to raise standards .

Darren Cainey - head of teacher training

Darren has been teaching English since 1998. He has been a CELTA trainer since 2004 and a Delta trainer since 2012. Before moving to France, he previously taught or trained in Thailand, Spain, the UK, and Peru. He has a special interest in online learning and has tutored on an e-Moderating course for online CELTA tutors. He was also the Online Course Tutor on two pilot courses of the first ever fully online CELTA courses.

tyler glaine-whittington

Tyler came to ILC in 2015 when he took his CELTA course here. ILC afforded him the possibility to grow as a teacher by teaching business professionals,  job seekers, young learners from preschool to terminal and in the French Senate. Before becoming a teacher trainer, he also served as the manager of Cambridge Exams. He is constantly motivated by the joy in seeing English language learners and CELTA trainees accomplish their goals.

Natalie HIDEG

Natalie arrived in France in 2003 and split her time between working in journalism and teaching Business English. In 2015, she moved to Istanbul to teach English full-time, where she taught in university preparatory programs, and later began working as a teacher trainer. Natalie has been back in France and with ILC since September 2022.  She loves learning languages (she speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish), which helps her to better understand and assist her learners. She is a highly motivated and dynamic Celta trainer.

isobel drury

Isobel has a long career with ILC France as a teacher and teacher trainer.  She has taught English to groups and individual adults in a wide variety of professional fields including telecommunications, pharmaceutical and airport industries.  In this capacity she has also taught at the CNES, Kourou in French Guyana. In addition to Paris, she has worked as a teacher trainer in Hastings, New York and Riyadh, training a wide variety of would-be language teachers.  She is particularly interested in maintaining face-to-face contact with learners, using authentic materials and fostering life-long learning.

marian casey - cambridge assessor

Marian began her teaching career in the state system in Ireland and when she moved to France in the eighties, she retrained in order to work in adult education. She began teacher training twenty – some years ago and apart from Paris she has worked in Brussels, Lisbon & Bangkok. Among other things she is particularly interested in the principles and practice of assessment, both self-assessment as well as formal assessment.

andrea da silva - cambridge assessor

Andrea was trained as a CELTA trainer in ILC back in 2002. Since then she has worked on CELTA courses in France, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal, as both an online and face-to-face trainer. She has also worked with trainee teachers in the field of ESOL and ESOL literacy, as well as teaching Cambridge exam classes both at ILC and in the UK.

Jane Denier - Cambridge Assessor

Before working as a language teacher Jane gained valuable experience in a variety of professional fields such as advertising and market research in the UK and in Nigeria. At ILC she has worked with a wide range of learners and has taught specialist courses (pharmaceutical, telecommunications and airport companies). Her current interests include cross-cultural courses and coaching  She has been a teacher trainer since 1996 and an blended online trainer since 2016.